Meet Garr Russell

Garr has started, scaled and sold several companies! Systems, processes, sales, marketing, leadership and forging the way are his giftings. In 2016 he entered the RV space and has quickly rose the lead the industry starting the nation's first RV rental management company with locations all around the US and now the co-founder of the RVRBA. 

  • Founder & CEO of Fireside RV Rental, the nation's largest RV Management Company
  • ​Over 7 years' experience in the RV Rental Industry
  • ​Managed 100's of RV's and thousands of reservations
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My Story


The Beginning

"I was a brand-new RV owner with a wife who didn't want to camp."

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I had just bought this for her on our 10-year anniversary. I felt even worse about the situation because I thought she would be super excited to have a brand-new RV. 

I was simply trying to figure out what to do with this RV. I really wanted to figure out a way to cover my payments and put the RV to use so my wife wouldn't feel bad about not wanting to camp.

I wanted to be able to cover those payments and maybe make a bit of money and I could so I could turn this liability into a money-making asset.  The thing is I was I was struggling with figuring out what to do with the RV.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...my first good idea hit, and everything changed. God showed me to rent the RV out the same as we do our rental properties. This quickly showed me I was not alone, I discovered many friends, family, neighbors had RV's sitting around most of the time as well!

It was now crystal clear to me on how to start a business with other people's RV's just like in real estate property management. Discovering this meant not only was my RV disaster solved I could now help others put their RVs to work and help them as well.


Michigan Camper Rentals

My plan was to start offering this business model to others that had similar entrepreneurial interest. So, I started creating our business in a box offer that included all that was needed for them to start an RV Management business. But we didn’t stop there. We then started selling branch opportunities to likeminded individuals and presenting our management service to RV owners.  My first sign up was Kim Hill in Michigan who still operates his branch with us today.


The Camper Connection

After that, we started to think bigger!  We began marketing our new business offer to entrepreneurs and RV management to owners nationwide, which is why we changed our name from Michigan Camper Rentals to The Camper Connection.  We began to grow with locations popping up all over the United States, from Arizona to Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York.


Fireside RV Rental

We decided to trademark and franchise this unique business opportunity and rebranded to Fireside RV Rental.  We celebrated by gathering all of our branch managers and staff together at my Okeechobee, FL home and I realized I had so much more than a business, I had a community, a tribe. 

But there was still a problem...Even after all that, things were still not perfect. Here's what I mean.

There are still many every day running a business issue we ran into especially now representing owners and new branch partnerships that were popping up. We ended up getting frustrated and putting a lot of energy into building out our training and support system. We thought if we could create something that would make it possible to best support other RV rental owners in there day to day, that would be awesome! We’d be really happy.

After months of building support systems, recording training videos, finding the perfect software programs and setting up coaching sessions, we had completed our first training program, Fireside FastTrack Framework, which would assist with training and onboarding our new franchisees.


RV Rental Business Accelerator

Through the process of creating the training program for our franchisees, I was challenged by an RVShare employee to create a program that could anyone how to profitably rent out their RV whether they had one RV and was just starting their RV rental journey or they had 100 RV's and were looking to grow and scale.  I partnered with Stacy Maxon another RV Rental Business owner, and we created RV Rental Business Accelerator where we will equip, empower, and unify RV rental owners with systems, tools, and community.  Though it sounds almost too good to be true, I can now help other RV owners or business minded people start their RV rental journey.

What I Believe

I'm literally training my competition.
Mistake or genius?

In every industry there comes a point where one feels the calling to rise to the top and lead the charge! I am blessed and honored to say that privilege has been placed on my heart.

Be me showing others the secrets to my success and helping them avoid the common pitfalls and many mistakes I made that brought me to the level of success I'm at right now I believe this will benefit everyone as it will give the RV rental industry a great reputation for creating family memories, a great customer experience and much more. 

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